Pizza, Wings and Pop Combo (16+ people)
90 minutes of bowling with shoes
All you can eat for 90 minutes (no take out)
Add on drink tickets for your group
Available Monday-Friday before 7 p.m.
(not including statutory holidays)
The Original (16+ people)
90 minutes of bowling with shoes
Traditional Caesar salad
Vegetable tray OR steamed mixed vegetables
Vegetable spring rolls
Jumbo chicken wings
Pizza (pepperoni, vegetarian, cheese)
Lasagna (meat or vegetarian)
Coffee/ Tea
Bites Package (16+ people)
Includes 90 Minutes of Bowling & Shoe Rental
Select 2
(Mac & Cheese Wedges, Veggie Spring Rolls, Assorted Veggie Platter, Veggie Samosa)
Select 2
(Mini Burgers, Spanakopita, Taquito Tray, Jumbo Chicken Wings, Stuffed Chicken Minis)
Select a Pizza
(Cheese, Pepperoni, Canadian, Vegetarian, Hawaiian, Supreme)
Add on drink tickets for your group
The Perfect Strike (16+ people)
Includes 90 Minutes of Bowling & Shoe Rental
Pizza (Select 2)
(Cheese, Pepperoni, Hawaiian, Supreme, Canadian, Vegetarian)
Salad (Select 1)
(Veggie Platter & Dip, Traditional Caesar Salad)
Jumbo Roasted Wings
Crispy Fries or Onion Rings
Add on drink tickets for your group
VIP Package (16+ people)
Includes 90 Minutes of Bowling & Shoe Rental
Lane Side Snacks (Select 2)
(Calamari Rings & Breaded Shrimp, Jumbo Chicken Wings, Veggie Spring Rolls, Vegetable Samosa, Baked Nachos Supreme, Split Chicken Wings with BBQ Sauce, Mini Burgers)
Salad (Select 2)
(Traditional Caesar Salad, Mixed Garden Salad, Creamy Coleslaw Salad, Classic Greek Salad, Fresh Cut Vegetables & Dip)
Entree (Select 1)
(Roast Chicken, Baked Salmon, Prime Rib)
Sides (Select 2)
(Steamed Seasonal Vegetables, Vegetarian Pizza, Meat Lasagna, Roast Potatoes, Crispy Fries or Onion Rings)
*includes dinner rolls
Dessert (Select 1)
(Dessert Bites (Nanaimo Bar, Brownie, Butter Tart, Carrot Cake), Seasonal Fresh Fruit, Mini Cheesecakes)
Coffee & tea
Add on drink tickets for your group
World Bowl Deluxe Platter
(8 pcs. Each of jumbo chicken wings, spring rolls, samosas, breaded shrimp, breaded calamari rings & sweet potato wedges)
Nathans Steamer Mini Dogs & Kettle Chips
(12 pcs. Famous Nathan mini dogs in steam buns with house fried kettle chips)
Buffalo Chicken & Shrimp
(10 pcs./ea of crisp chicken tenders tossed in Buffalo sauce served with Bang Bang torpedo shrimp)
Potsticker & Spring Rolls
(15pcs./ea chicken cheese pot stickers & vegetarian spring rolls served with selection of dips)
Breads & Spreads
(24 slivers of our classic pizza dough spread with pesto & cheese blend with balsamic glaze, 36 toasted pita chimps with red pepper hummus, spinach artichoke dip & baba ghanoush, sweet pickles & olives
Sliders & Poutine
10 each of our cheddar beef sliders & buffalo chicken sliders with poutine mountain, pickles & condiments on the side)
Baked Nachos Platter
(our fresh made tortilla chips covered in cheese blend, fresh vegetables, banana peppers & black beans with salsa, sour cream & guacamole)
French Fry Platter
Onion Ring Platter
Mac & Cheese Wedges (30 pcs.)
World Bowl Famous Jumbo Wings (30 pcs.)
Split Chicken Wings
(30 pcs. Thai sweet chili, honey garlic, buffalo, bbq)
Chicken Finger Platter (30 pcs.)
Crudités & Dips
Seasonal Fruit Salad
Platters 24hr Notice Required
Assorted Wraps
(beef, chicken, tuna & veggie 24 pcs.)
Sushi & Sashimi (42 pcs)
Fruit & Cheese
(assorted cheese & fresh fruit serves 20)
Chef Selection of Tea Sandwiches
(tuna, egg salad, salmon, beef & cream cheese 60 pcs.)
Add on drink tickets for your group

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$22 Per Person for 90 Minutes of Bowling

Shoe Rentals Included. Tax Extra. Minimum of 16 People to be Eligible for the Group Promotion. This special is not applicable Friday and Saturday nights after 6:00 PM. Ask for details about our combo packages with food and further discounts are available for our special combo packages.